Extra High-Performance Linerboard (XTRTM)


A new lightweight so powerful you’d think it was a heavyweight.

Backed with more than 50 years of experience, our new XTRTM linerboard and corrugating medium delivers the high strength-to-basis weight ratio that enables box producers to boost bottom lines and exceed customer expectations.

Quality Delivered. Expectations Surpassed.

Using the world’s finest technology, Kruger’s engineers have created a next-generation product that delivers maximized fibre performance, high efficiency, and a level of quality that meets or exceeds that of other substrates.

With XTRTM, we’ve created a lightweight, sustainable, high-strength, 100% recycled linerboard that’s designed to surpass industry expectations and help our customers succeed.

High Strength. Low Cost.

With the introduction of XTRTM, you can capitalize on a lightweight linerboard that delivers equivalent or higher strength properties at a lower cost. In fact, less corrugated materials and high ECT specs mean you’ll save on paper costs without sacrificing your high standards of quality.

Smaller Footprint. Bigger Impression.

With the launch of XTRTM, we’ve taken our innovative solutions to a whole new level. This 100% recycled linerboard proves sustainability and high quality are not mutually exclusive.

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